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Middle School

Our Middle School spans grades fifth through eighth, strategically utilizing fifth grade as a pivotal transition year from elementary to middle school. Across subjects such as math, literature, and science, students engage in hands-on learning within peer groups, fostering collaboration and exploration of new concepts. At CCLS, students are active participants in their education. Complementing our collaborative teaching and learning approach is the innovative design of our middle school campus. From the layout of common areas to adaptable furniture, every aspect is crafted to promote collaboration, problem-solving, and personal development. This educational philosophy aims to equip students with the skills they need to become lifelong learners and valuable contributors to their communities, as guided by their faith.

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Pop Art

In 8th grade, after a study of Pop Art, students create a large expressive self-portrait using acrylic paint. They take expressive pictures of each other and then mix different values of paint to fill in the shapes that make up their face. It generally is their favorite project of all of their years in middle school art.

Egg Drop

Each year, our 8th graders put their creativity to the test, crafting intricate structures using glue and toothpicks, all in a daring attempt to safeguard their precious eggs as they plummeted from the roof (aka the tallest window in the building!)

Book Trailer

In 8th grade literature, students participate in a book club unit where there are several books offered. The student groups create their own reading assignments, lead themselves in discussion, and finish by creating a book trailer with the focus on theme.

Shakespeare Unit

In our literature 7 class, at the end of the Shakespeare unit, the students choose to make a project based on what they have learned. They may use whatever creative means they choose to show the class that they have learned something about Shakespeare and the Elizabethan time period. Using food, film, Legos, architecture, sewing, and many other techniques, the students enjoy this project.

Mousetrap Cars

In science, students build a mousetrap powered car to help them learn about power, motion, energy, perseverance. We see how far each car can go - most usually hit 70-90 feet. 

Renaissance Museum

Students create statues of the various Renaissance leaders that they will showcase in our class museum. Student created statues will then guide students to learn more about each leader.

Collaborative Learning

A unique aspect of CCLS is that we are a multiple campus school; however, we are united together in ministry and vision. We share in providing the same cohesive values and academic foundation. Our middle school is composed of grades fifth through eighth, purposefully leveraging fifth grade as a transitioning year. A subtle use of block scheduling and increased class length prepares students for the next few years in middle school.

Communication between teachers, students, and families is critical in the middle school years. Our teachers facilitate 21st Century teaching and learning practices by seamlessly integrating the use of Google Classroom, Blackbaud and other methods for communicating grades and assignments.

Students use their school-provided Chromebook in almost every facet of their daily learning. Whether it's in math, literature, or science class, you will find students working hands-on in their peer groups collaborating and exploring new topics. At CCLS, the student is an active participant in the learning taking place. Enhancing the collaborative teaching and learning approach, is the unique design and layout of the new middle school campus. The design, from the layout of the common spaces to all furniture being mobile, was created for collaboration, problem-solving and development, to prepare students to be life-long learners and productive members of the community God has placed us in.

With a variety of technological resources at our fingertips, we remain convinced of the primacy of face-to-face interaction. Our teachers consistently offer students support as they form strong relationships.


Greetings from Royce Hartmann

Middle School Principal
Through baptism, I have been born into the family of God. I am a redeemed child of God, loved and saved by Jesus. As a part of God's family, I operate from the perspective that each student is a part of my family. I desire to treat each child as if they were my very own. My desire is for students to experience this in everything we say and do. 
The CCLS students are our family, they are children of God, loved and saved by Jesus.  We will teach the love of Jesus, we will model Christ-like behaviors, we will challenge students to be the best they can be, we will encourage and uplift each other, we will love and care for everyone.

My child received an excellent education in the classroom from loving and caring staff and in the community of this school. Greater still, he is grounded in his faith and continues to be the hands and feet of Christ as he heads to college."

Individual Development

Students are encouraged to grow beyond their core classes and explore the individual gifts God has given them. CCLS offers a number of different electives and co-curricular options to explore unique interests.

Electives such as Creative Writing, School News, Academic Team, Coding Club, Student Leadership, Handbells, Basic Training, Aerodynamics, Book Club, Speech and Drama, Musicals, Choir, Band, Advanced Spanish, Coding, Peer Tutoring, Ceramics, Podcasts, Service Projects, Yearbook, and more lend students a chance to shape their own story at CCLS.  

Along with a growing number of academic electives, students can participate in extracurricular activities such as academic team, soccer, cross country, volleyball, basketball, track, field hockey, golf, musicals, drama and coding.


High School Preparation

Block scheduling allows our students to prepare for the rigors of a secondary school schedule. Our specialized teachers are able to more fully develop engaging, relevant lessons for our students in longer periods of time that meet on an every other day basis. Students learn about time management, responsibility, and careful scheduling as they balance the schedule with their co-curricular activities.

While standardized tests are only a snapshot of a much bigger picture, our upper grades consistently score well above the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence standard. To view where our students attend high school click here.

No matter the choice of high school the CCLS graduates select, our graduates continue to experience success at the next level. CCLS graduates repeatedly earn places in high honors classes, assume leadership roles on athletic teams, musical groups, and academic clubs, and even become valedictorians of their high school graduating classes.

Academic Team

Academic Team is offered in 6th through 8th grade. Students answer questions from a variety of topics in a quiz bowl style format, competing in meets against local Lutheran schools for a season, finishing off with a city and state tournament. Our academic team has been City and State Champions for the last three years!


The Chargers athletic program is a ministry of CCLS designed to promote participation and competition in interscholastic sports for both boys and girls. For K-8th grade students, we offer basketball, cross country and soccer. In addition, we offer field hockey, track, volleyball and golf for 5-8th grade students. We believe that a wide variety of interscholastic sports is a vital part of the student's educational experience, and we hope that all of the CCLS athletes become better through their involvement in the Charger athletic program.

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Ceramics Club

Have an artistic bent and a passion to create? Ceramics Club is a time where kindergarten through 8th grade students meet to be creative as they make things out of clay. Mr. Fiala is available to help get things started for them, but students generally just make whatever they want to create! Ceramics Club meets every Thursday after school until 4:30pm in the middle school art room.

Performing Arts

The middle school offers a variety of performing arts electives for grades 6-8 including choral music, wind ensemble, handbells, a fall play, and a spring musical. Through these performing opportunities, students are given chances to build teamwork, stage presence, creative interpretation, and critical thinking skills that will help them in high school, college, and beyond. In fifth grade, students can participate in the fifth-grade band, but also take a general music class that allows students the opportunity to perform musically and dramatically.

Coding Club

The Youth Coding League is an innovative learning program that introduces students to computer science and coding. The YCL encompasses 60+ schools across the nation. YCL provides a personal connection for students from varied interests that helps develop confidence and engagement. No coding experience is required for participation in this league. Students compete in eight weekly projects using code language on Scratch based on CS First Projects. Students bring their own creativity to projects to earn points each week as a school team. After the eight weeks, students compete in smaller school teams in the postseason for prizes in technical merit and community favorite. The 5/6 Graders compete in the fall semester (Sept-Nov) and the 7/8 Graders compete in the spring semester (Jan-April).

Other Clubs

CCLS has many other clubs, activities and events in which students can participate to let their talents shine! Some of these include Scouting Troops (Girl Scout and Boy Scout) and terrific Tuesdays in elementary school and Mini Courses in middle school.

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