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Elementary School

Welcome to the Elementary Campus (Grades K-4)

Our elementary community is a family of believers. Each child knows that he/she is a child of God, loved and saved by Jesus.  Each day we work to grow together spiritually, academically and socially. Our faculty and staff establish a warm and caring environment where each child feels loved and safe. 

We have weekly chapel services where we gather together to worship and to hear God’s word. The students are placed into chapel families. These groups sit together during chapel services.  Throughout the year, the chapel families meet for special times such as doing service projects, having devotions and participating in our annual field day. 

We feel that frequent communication with families is a key to success for the students. Special events are planned to bridge the gap between school and home and to make students feel comfortable. Before the school year begins, homeroom teachers visit students’ homes to begin building the relationship with the students. A few days before school starts, we have our Charger Night event that gives students the opportunity to come to school, see the classrooms, visit with their peers, and organize their supplies. Throughout the school year parents are able to stay connected and see a window into the classroom through a platform called Seesaw. Teachers also communicate classroom goals, objectives, and announcements at least once a week. Parent-teacher conferences are held in October then throughout the year as needed.

God has a great plan for your child. As is stated in Jeremiah 29:11:  "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” We would love to have your child grow with us. Welcome to the elementary campus of CCLS!


Greetings from Rachel Klug

Elementary Principal 

In the elementary grades, students are developing their academic and social skills. They are learning how to become empowered learners through critical and creative thinking. CCLS supports development by not only preparing students academically, but growing the whole child. A well-rounded curriculum allows children to expand life skills like problem solving, self-awareness and collaboration. Our faith-filled community drives character development and Christian discipleship supported by passionate teachers in an inspiring learning environment. 

Third Grade Marketplace

One of the most exciting parts of third grade is our Third Grade Marketplace! During our economics unit, students take on the role of entrepreneurs and learn how to run a successful business through field trips, hands-on projects, and even an at-home portion where they create their own business. At the end of the unit they put all that they learned together by selling their products or services in our Third Grade Marketplace. 

Author Visits

One of the highlights at the elementary campus is our author visits. Throughout the year, we invite published authors of children’s books to visit with our students. The authors give a presentation about the writing process and the books that they have written. They answer questions from our student authors. Students have the opportunity to purchase books signed by the authors.

Kids Heart Challenge

Every year in K-4 PE, the students participate in the Kids Heart Challenge, which is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association and an educational experience for the students in heart healthy eating and activities. In January of 2020, the students raised a record high amount of $15,188. Pictured are the top fundraisers and our own heart ambassador in the center. 

Walk of Fame

In the second half of the year, all of the second graders participate in a “Walk of Fame”. This is when they spend a few weeks reading, researching, and learning about a Famous American and the impact that they had on American history. At the end of the project, the students dress up as their Famous American and pretend to be them as visitors come through the hallways to look and learn all about these Famous Americans. 

Parachute Models

First graders get to be engineers as they first design, then build, and finally test parachutes during their Science Unit on Air. They get to design and build 2 different parachute models to test and alter their designs. Their ingenuity, discussions and perseverance to engineer working parachutes is a challenge which creates much excitement!

STEM Wednesdays

STEM Wednesdays are an opportunity for curious kindergarten students to work together to create and build, discover and learn, fail and succeed and become excited about the world around them. Students use everyday objects, like marshmallows and toothpicks; classroom manipulatives, like Keva blocks and Brain Flakes; and technology devices, like BeeBots and iPad apps. The students actively learn through play and develop an excitement for learning as they engage in these STEM activities.

First Grade Art

First grade studies different artists and media during Art class throughout the school year, then take a field trip to the St. Louis Art Museum to see some of the famous works that they have studied. They create a painting in the style of Jackson Pollock, build their own ballerina sculpture in the style of Edgar Degas' Tiny Dancer, and paint water lilies like Claude Monet.

Chapel Families

Chapel at the elementary campus is held every Wednesday morning. Chapel is led by a variety of people including the pastors of our supporting congregations, teachers, students, and other Lutheran church workers. The students are divided into chapel families. Each teacher has a group of students from every grade. The chapel families sit together in chapel each week. During the year, the chapel families have devotions together, complete service projects and participate as a family group on our annual Field Day.

"Amazing staff. The curriculum is both challenging and engaging. Very open lines of communication between administrators and parents. Most importantly my kids feel safe and happy."

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