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The early childhood program at CCLS partners with families and congregations to provide academic excellence and Christ-centered care for our littlest learners. Surrounded by the love of Jesus, your child will develop respect for self and others. 

Elementary School

In the elementary grades, students are developing their academic and social skills. They are learning how to become empowered learners through critical and creative thinking. CCLS supports development by not only preparing students academically, but growing the whole child.

Middle School

The CCLS middle school is composed of grades five through eight. Christ is at the forefront of all that happens with an emphasis that everyone is a child of God, loved and Saved by Jesus. The middle school utilizes a subtle block schedule which allows for increased class time. The dual focus of both student individual needs along with peer collaboration assist students in preparation for high school and beyond.

Character Formation

Character is an internal energy that inspires us to act, restrains us from acting, and gives us the wisdom or moral compass to know when each action is appropriate. When character is acquired and held internally, people lead virtuous lives with greater purpose. When character is not acquired or held internally, well…the stories are all over the news every day.

At CCLS, we are intentional about character formation. The Christian Character Formation Project (CCFP) is a Biblically based program that seeks to train students and adults alike to live Christ-centered, fulfilling and virtuous lives as serving leaders. Individual character is acquired in the larger context of Scripture and the fulfillment of God’s given plan for students in the classroom, community, and country.



There's something for everyone at CCLS! Whether it's performing arts, innovative designing, or athletics, a variety of opportunities are available to individualize your student's experience. 

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