CCLS Academy at St. James in Glen Carbon, IL is a Christ-centered micro-school for 5th through 8th grade students in Glen Carbon, IL, offering a high-quality education centered on two goals: 1. nurturing strong character in our learners, and 2. guiding our learners in the development of the “5 Cs” that are essential to school and life success: Christ-centered education, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.

What is a Micro School?

In short, a micro-school is a small community of learners who are implementing a new approach to the one room schoolhouse. Students engage with flexible, standards-based curriculum choices and work together to develop essential skills and virtues in a safe, responsive, and engaging environment. Christ-centered Learning Guides lead students in self directed learning while providing the core elements of a Lutheran education: Christ, Character, and Community.

St. James Lutheran Church

146 N Main St.
Glen Carbon, IL 62034

Identity: What does a CCLS Academy graduate look like?

Graduates will be grounded in their identity as children of God loved and saved by Jesus. 

Graduates will demonstrate competency in 8th grade standards in preparation for High School.

Graduates will be equipped to be serving leaders in their communities.

Purpose: What is the purpose of CCLS Academy?

CCLS Academies exist to transform lives through Christ-centered education.

Action: How will CCLS Academy serve the children?

Learning Guides will support and inspire students in grades 5–8.

Students will receive Christ-centered, character-forming, competency-based personalized learning.

What will a day in the life of the CCLS Academy learner look like?

The 5 Cs of
CCLS Academy

  • Christ-Centered Education: Grounded in God’s Word, students grow in their faith in Christ and love for one another.
  • Critical Thinking: Learning guides strive to model, nurture, and extend the ability to think deeply about content consumed, both digitally and in print media.
  • Collaboration: With flexibility built into our daily routines, our learners have opportunities to work together to develop ideas, complete projects, contribute to thoughtful conversations, and to help one another solve problems.
  • Creativity: At CCLS Academy, students are provided many opportunities to engage in valuable creative expression.
  • Communication: Our learners are challenged to embrace communication skills in order to build stronger relationships throughout their lives.

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