International students

Christ Community Lutheran School holds valid SEVIS certification and is able to accept international students who demonstrate necessary traits and proficiency in the English language, as we do not offer ESL classes. International applicants may apply through the TADS system like our domestic students. Once accepted, CCLS will produce a valid I-20 so that the student can continue the enrollment process.

CCLS International

CCLS has been blessed the last several years by hosting a number of international students from around the globe, including China, Germany, Guatemala, Korea, Latvia, Nicaragua, Thailand, and more. Our American students have gained a significant understanding and appreciation for other cultures, while at the same time  our international students are offered an excellent educational experience for the exchange students. In fact, many of our students have cultivated lasting, ongoing friendships with these visiting students and still regularly communicate with them.

Sometimes our exchange students live with a CCLS host family, and the experience of hosting a student has been a treasured experience for many families! The students live in the host family's home for the semester (or year) and attend CCLS every day just like the family's own child. The exchange students simply want to experience an American home with all its unique cultural traditions, all wrapped up in a Christian family's loving environment. Many times, our families find it difficult to say goodbye to their student at the end of the year!​